Having 11,000 sqm, we need to practice what we preach, Effective logistics gives you the fastest deliveries for products in stock.

This combined with our 2023 range of Silverstone Lithium Ion Eco Friendly Electric Trucks & Almeborg’s range of Stainless Steel Products, is the Way Forward.

FI Contact Model T20-PL154 Electric Pallet Truck (1) (1)
FI Silverstone Pallet Truck-T20-15F4_2
FI Silverstone Model T20-RLP201H
FI Silverstone Model ES-16RSL1-5000 Stacker Truck
FI Silverstone CPD20L - Forklift With All Weather Cab
scissor lift
The 2023 Range

Top Quality Electro Hydraulic Scissors Table Lifts

Almeborg Logo

Almeborg specialises in the manufacture of the highest quality material handling transport and lifting equipment with particular emphasis on it’s range of Stainless Steel Products. 

almeborg truck

Delivering The Vaccine

We are honoured & privileged to be the pallet truck supplier that safely transported the first consignment of the Covid 19 Vaccine in Ireland

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Silverstone Lithium Ion Powered Electric Trucks

Sipair Compressor

We have a range of quality SIP Products on Offer this month from Compressors to Sprayguns. Please visit our SIP page by clicking the button below.