Silverstone Semi-Electric Stackers

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Semi-electric stacker suited for intensive handling and continuous lifting. Compact design ensures a small turning radius. Fast lifting/lowering speeds.
Easy and smooth steering makes the stacker safe and easy to operate. Service- friendly assembly of hydraulics, electrics and batteries. Large battery, 150Ah/12V, for many working hours per charging.
The perfect choice for high productivity requirements in confined spaces.

Silverstone ES10-series is three compact electric stackers suitable for light material handling in several places such as shops, warehouses, small industries and such. Er- gonomic controls, maintenance free batteries and built-in charger makes them all very easy to operate and for maintenance.



It is not only the purchase price that is attractive on the new Silverstone ES10-series for light material handling. These stackers are all built with well proven components which are easy to access. This ensures minimal maintenance costs. Forks moves quick up and down, which combined with good walking speed increases productivity.


Raising and lowering features are easily accessible on the well-designed steering head. This allows the driver to fully concentrate on the load and stacking movements. The control handle is positioned to provide better visibility for both driving and stack- ing. A long tiller arm with low attachment point provides good safe distance between operator and machine. Also it increases maneuverability.


Silverstone ES10-series stackers are compact slick and weigh not very much. This allows both driving and stacking in places where it might not otherwise be possible, such as entresols, narrow aisles or some floors that cannot stand the weight from a large stacker.