Pallet Truck Frequently Asked Questions

Identify the maximum load capacity that you require.
Identify which type of pallets or combination of pallet types that you use.

Please see detailed info on both Euro & GKN Pallets.

Click to Download Euro Pallet Specifications.pdf

Click to Download GKN Pallet Specifications.pdf

At Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Sales we provide a range of Silverstone Hand Pallet Trucks to suit your requirements. To view each of the products we have, visit our Silverstone Hand Pallet Trucks page or click here to download our PDF Documents

Yes we both stock and specialise in pallet trucks that both suit and comply with the specific regulations and practical use of pallet trucks to suit all of these industries requirements.

Please click to see our PDF on  ‘Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

Identify the maximum lifting capacity that you require. Establish the maximum number of daily continuous hours the truck needs to operate. Please visit our website www.pallet Our technical sales department will be happy to assist you at all times and supply you with quotation and details Free of Charge. Get in touch here

Yes –we supply a comprehensive range of electric powered trucks that will safely and securely operate on all tailift and container truck applications. We have supplied our Silverstone range of electric pallet trucks to the largest fleet owners & distribution companies in Ireland.

Lithium Ion Batteries have the following special features. Environmentally friendly – No CO2 Gas emissions, No operator requirement to top up battery cells. No dangerous spillages of battery acid. Lithium Ion Batteries have a working life 5 Times longer than Lead Acid Cell Batteries. No contamination of the environment

Please see PDF attached Silverstone Lithium Ion Technology

Yes we supply a comprehensive range of both Lithium Ion Silverstone battery powered electric forklifts.

Yes our Silverstone Lithium Ion electric forklifts come with the option of operating outdoors with safe operator protection in all weather conditions.

Yes it is a legal requirement for an employer to ensure that their staff allocated to the operation of this type of equipment undergo an authorised training program and test before they can legitimately operate this equipment. This is governed under the Health & safety at Work Acts 2005 & 2007. For more information on this, please visit our ‘Health & Safety Operator Training & Safety‘ page.

Yes our company supplies a fully comprehensive program of training which covers, all aspects of operator training, theoretical, practical , testing and certification. Please visit our ‘Health & Safety Operator Training & Safety‘ page.

The certificate expires after 3 years from the date of certification and therefore requires the relevant operators/staff to be re-trained, tested and certified

Yes we supply a comprehensive range of both manual hydraulic, electric and stationery scissors table lifts in a variety of lifting capacities and lifting heights to suit all applications.

Please see our PDF here, or visit the page, Scissors Table Lift 

Yes we offer these options where the standard sizes do not suit a customer’s specific requirement.

Please see our PDF here, or visit the page, Scissors Table Lift 

Yes we both offer and stock a comprehensive range of Europress/ Eagle Pro Hydraulic pumps and rams, Compac hydraulic presses, trolley jacks, air hydraulic jacks & Sipair air compressors both piston-belt driven and rotary screw models -and Majorlift pit jacks

Our friendly staff are waiting to discuss your requirements