Almeborg Pallet Truck

Full Stainless Steel Pallet Truck: BV VESTERGAARD A/S

Type of Control: Manual Hydraulic
Load Capacity: 2,000kg
Width across the Forks (Standard): 520mm
Fork Length (Standard):  1,130mm
Fork Min Height: 85mm
Lifting Height: 200mm
Width of Each Fork: 160mm
Width between the Forks: 200mm
Thickness of the Forks: 45mm
Max. Height with Handle: 1,130mm
Total Length of Pallet Truck: 1,530mm
Number of Fork Wheels: 4
Material of Fork Wheels: *Nylon
Material of Steer Wheels: *Nylon
Material of the Pallet Truck: 100% Stainless Steel
Grade of Stainless Steel: AISI304
Material of the Pump: Stainless Steel
Actual Weight of Truck: 70kg
Model Ref.: TRPi10002

Full Stainless Steel Pallet Truck: BV VESTERGAARD A/S

ENGLISH VERSION -The undersigned – Ole Almeborg BV a/s, Svalhøjvej hereby declares that this equipment has been manufactured in conformity with the relevant provisions of the Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC, of 17 May 2006.

 BV Vestergaard TRP10001- Full-Stainless pallet truck is manufactured specially for the Food, Meat & Pharmaceutical industries where stringent requirements must be met for hygiene, the environment and thorough cleaning. Specifically recommended for Pharmaceutical Clean Room Applications and all other Intense applications where high frequency wash downs are required.

The automatic neutral position valve ensures that when the tow bar is moved slowly, the pallet truck does not lift. If the tow bar is moved quickly, the pallet truck lifts normally.

Shortest Fork Length: 400mm
Longest Fork Length:3,000mm
Min. Outside Fork Spread: 320mm
Max. Outside Fork Spread: 1,500mm
Special Forks for Paper Rolls Polyurethane or Anti-Static Wheels Food Industry Grade Hydraulic Oil

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