Health & Safety Policy


Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services Ltd regards the promotion of health and safety within its businesses as an essential part of its responsibilities and recognises that effective health and safety management improves performance and reduces injuries and ill health, costs and liabilities. This includes the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors to our site and of our employees at any site or travelling between sites in the course of their work for us.

Everyone who works for Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services Ltd has a shared responsibility for the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment. Disciplinary action will follow failure to take such responsibility. This includes the management of health and safety, the responsibility to work in a safe manner, to follow all laid down safety procedures, to wear appropriate protective clothing and to identify potential hazards.

Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services Ltd will establish arrangements for the effective planning, organisation,
control, monitoring and review of health and safety, and will regularly review and develop this Policy


Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services will appoint at least one competent person (a Health and Safety Champion) to assist in complying with Health and Safety Law and promoting proactive health and safety management, and will give the person appointed adequate training, information, and time to carry out their duties. The objectives of this role will be agreed with the Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services Management.

Hydraulic & Pallet Truck Services will:

  • Provide enough finance and effort to maintain and improve performance in health and safety, with legal requirements as the minimum standard
  • Make sure that any payment and reward systems avoid conflict between achieving output targets and health and safety requirements
  • Make sure that standards and procedures for health and safe working are clearly defined, regularly checked and updated as needed
  • Make sure that all managers know the importance of health and safety objectives in relation to other business objectives
  • Make sure that all managers identify hazards, assess the risks and set objectives, targets and performance standards for managing risks
  • Make sure that all employees know that everyone has a shared responsibility for the maintenance of a safe and healthy working environment
  • Make sure that all employees are given the right information, instruction, supervision and training about their health and safety
  • Make sure that there are procedures for employees and members of the public to follow in the event of serious and imminent danger.
  • Hold people accountable for their health and safety responsibilities and motivate them to take them seriously
  • Consult and communicate on health and safety matters with all employees
  • Make sure that employees who need them get appropriate health checks
  • Investigate accidents and incidents, and put solutions in place to reduce the impact or chance of them happening again

Gerry Doyle
Chief Executive
4th January 2011