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Hand Pallet Truck


If you are looking for Electric pallet trucks or Weighscale Pallet trucks please click the links here or visit our products page by clicking the link above.

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Hand Pallet Truck Heavy Duty 2500 kgheavy-duty-pallet-truck

Hand pallet truck with normal lift function for easy lifting of heavy loads. This high quality maintenance-free pallet truck has a reinforced and durable chassis for tough and heavy handling. Equipped with a built-in overload valve for overload protection, maintenance-free bushings, bearings (RS) and 13 grease nipples .Closed hydraulic system with protected/sealed pump.One piece cast pump housing. This gives an extra long life time. Double entry/exit rollers in Nylon to protect fork wheels/pallet. Lift speed 7 mm/stroke.

CAPACITY 2500KG – Lifts 2500Kg – Heavy Duty – RS Bearings 

View our 2500KG Range
ModelCapacityFork WidthFork LengthWeightWheels
6612-900/1000/11502500540 / 160900/1000/115080-82Single Nylon
6613-11502500540 / 160115081Single PU
6614-900/11502500540 / 160900 or 115082-84Bogie Nylon
6615-900/11502500540 / 160900 or 115083-85Bogie PU
6615-15001500540 / 1601500132Bogie PU
6615-20001500540 / 1601500150Bogie PU
* Polyurethane wheel = PU

Hand Pallet Trucks Stainless/Galvanised/Low Profile 2000kg Hand-Pallet-Trucks-Stainles

Hand pallet truck made of acid proof stainless steel, to meet the tough demands in wet handling and corrosive applications. The only choice for meat, fish, food and dairy industries and other corrosive environments. All parts are made of stainless steel incl. pump, chassis, forks, handle, push rod, bushings, bearings, pins and bolts. Equipped with overload valve, maintenance-free bushings/bearings (RS), protected and sealed hydraulics and 13 grease nipples. Important features for this application, to ensure a long life. Nylon wheels only. Capacity 2000 kg. (Steel quality AISI 316 / EN 1.4401).

CAPACITY 2000KG  –  Acid Proof Steel  – Full Stainless 

Low Profile Hand Pallet TruckGalvanized-pallet-truck

The Low Profile pallet truck is only 55 mm high. It is used for handling of extra low pallets. The forks and chassis are reinforced, reducing the height. The entry rollers are replaced by slide plates. There is no exit roller. Polyurethane wheels only.

CAPACITY 2000KG  –  Height = 55mm  – Low Profile HPL20S 



The Galvanized Hand Pallet Truck Stainless-Pallet-Truck

The galvanized truck is a low cost alternative to the stainless truck. The warm galvanized truck can heal mechanical scratches, means less corrosion. Same equipment as the stainless truck, but no grease nipples. Nylon wheels only.

CAPACITY 2000KG  –  Warm Galvanised


View our Galvanised Range

ModelCapacityFork WidthFork LengthWeightWheels
Q7712-900/11502300530 / 150900 or 115070-72Single Nylon
Q7713-900/11502300530 / 150900 or 115071-73Single PU
Q7714-900/11502300530 / 150900 or 115072-74Bogie Nylon
Q7715-900/11502300530 / 150900 or 115073-75Bogie PU
Foot brake (option)* Polyurethane wheel = PU

Bada Model TM-20 Full Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck AISI 316

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Bada Model TMB-20 Stainless Steel Weighscale Pallet Truck

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Model TMS-80E- Stainless Steel High Lift Pallet Truck

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Hand Pallet Truck Electronic Scale 2000 kg

Hand pallet truck with electronic scale for many applications. Stationary and mobile weighing or normal pallet truck duties. Time saving operating, versatile handling and efficiency in the same hand pallet truck. Secure fixation of the forks and the load cells to the bottom chassis. The four (4) load cells feature very accurate weighing of even and uneven loads

  • Compact weighing unit designed for mobile weighing. Electronic-Scale-Pallet-Tru
  • Low self weight = easy to manoeuvre
  • IP65 built = stands water wash-of.
  • High definite display, 18 mm high numbers.
  • Weighing accuracy 0,1% of loaded weight.
  • Grade 1kg.
  • Weighing unit is powered by 4 1,5V AA batteries,
    charger is included.
  • Normal use means charging 1 time per month.
  • Tara function which enable user to add or
    withdraw from net weight.
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 40 degree C

CAPACITY 2000KG – ZFP2-5 is equipped with thermo printer – Paper roll diameter: 40mm – Operating temperature 0-50 degree C – Warning Signals

High Lifting Pallet Trucks

The high lifting pallet truck is 3-trucks-in-1: hand pallet truck, work positioning truck and lifting table. These features make the high lifters very versatile in many types of handling. It is often used as an ergonomic lifting aid, because it prevents back strain when working with pallets or in other applications. The manual high lifters have automatic €Quick Lift€ that lifts the pallet in one stroke. Automatic adjustment of the lowering speed for safe operation. The high lifters have a strong basic design that gives a long life time. Equipped with adjustable stabilizing legs front/rear those are activated at 400 mm height, built-in overload valve, maintenance-free bushings and bearings (RS). Closed hydraulic system with protected and sealed pump. Ergonomic soft touch handle. Polyurethane wheels only. Capacity is 1000 kg / lift height is 800 mm.

High-Lifter-ElectricHigh Lifter Electric / Battery / Built in charger

The electric high lifter makes all types of handling safe and easy. The battery box is positioned between the scissor unit and the lift cylinder, which makes the high lifter compact and easy to operate. This model has the largest battery as standard (60Ah/12V), which gives many working hours per charging. SE1056 has high lift and lowering speeds. The reliable power unit comes from HPI, France. Charger incl. This top quality and high performance high lifter has a single lifting cylinder with a high upper part.

 High Lifter Compact / Quick Lift / Manual

This compact and low profile high lifter has a telescopic 2-stagehigh-lifting-pallet-truck
lifting cylinder that makes the high lifter truck very compact and smooth. Automatic quick lift function up to 150 kg loads. Available in 1150 mm and 1500 mm fork lengths.

High Lifter Quick Lift / Manual

This top quality and high performance high lifter has a single lifting cylinder with a high upper part, this High-Lifter-Quick-Liftmakes the high lifter truck very reliable. It means also less risk for leakage, due to reduced wear on the seals. Automatic quick lift function up to 250 kg. Available in both manual and electric version.