[su_heading align=”left”]Silverstone T20-15ETS & T20-18ET[/su_heading]

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the following new Electric Pallet Trucks which have been added to the already successful and proven Silverstone range of motorised pallet trucks. These new additions are specifically designed with the focus on manoeuvrability for the Transport & Warehouse Industry where the turning radius of the truck is a vital factor.

This especially applies for the operation of loading and un-loading pallets on Tail Lifts and also where aisle space in Warehouses may be limited.

These are the Silverstone Models T20-15ETS 1.5 Tonne capacity and the Silverstone T20-18ETS -1.8 Tonne capacity.

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Silverstone T20-15ETS

[su_button text=”Download the T20-15ETS Spec Sheet” url=”https://webdev.azolla.ie/pallet/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Silverstone-T20-15ET-Minimover.pdf” size=”lg” type=”primary” icon=”screenshot” target=”_self”][/su_note][/su_column]

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Silverstone T20-18ET

[su_button text=”Download the T20-18ET Spec Sheet” url=”https://webdev.azolla.ie/pallet/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Silverstone-T20-18ET-Electric-Pallet-Truck.pdf” size=”lg” type=”primary” icon=”screenshot” target=”_self”][/su_note][/su_column]


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Features Silverstone T20-15ETS & T20-18ETS


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Winners of the Reddot Design Award for Best Trucks in their Class at the Frankfurt Messe 2010 Expo.Red-Dot-Award





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