ES100L El. M. Lift-table, 1000kg

ES100L El. M. Lift-table, 1000kg

The table platform has EUR-pallet dimensions. The table construction is very robust, but is still very easy to maneuver due to low net weight. This table is famous for its mechanical strength and operation reliability. Lifting and lowering by a push-button controller, connected to a European power pack (DC/700W). Maintenance free battery which gives many working hours per charging and a long lifetime.
  • Capacity 1000kg
  • Table area 1200×800
  • Table area 430-1220


Technical data

Type Electric lift table
Capacity (kg) 1000
Wheel diameter Ø200
Table height, min-max 450-1220
Table area (LxW) 1200×800
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1390×800
Weight (kg) 225
Lifting time to max height 20-25
Lift motor (kW) 1.2
Handle height (mm) 1185


Produktblad ES100L – BS50LB – SX-175

Product sheet ES100L – BS50LB – SX-175 (1)