ES16RS-5000 Full-Electric Stacker, EPS, Prop. Valve

ES16RS-5000 Full-Electric Stacker, EPS, Prop. Valve

Silverstone stacker with power steering and proportional valve as standard. The stacker is equipped with proven technology including lift motor from Bucher and Zapi steering system. The focus is on comfort and economy where PV valve allows precision when lowering the load and where the power steering ensures that you have energy throughout the day.
  • Capacity 1600kg
  • Lifting height 5000mm
  • Steering system


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Technical data

Type Rider stand
Capacity (kg) 1600
Load center 600
Ground clearance 28
Outer dimensions 2029/2551x850x2187
Outer fork width 570
Weight (kg) 1440
Wheel type PU/PU
Steering wheel Ø230×75
Fork wheel Ø85×70
Balance wheel Ø130×55
Wheels (x=driving wheel) 1x + 1/4
Turning radius 1730/2090
Travel speed, load/no load 5,5-6,0
Lowering speed, load/no load 25-28
Lift motor (kW) 3
Free lift 1760
Lifting height 5000
Height with mast in highest position 5460
Drive control AC 1,6
Steering system ZAPI
Fork dimensions (LxWxH) 1150x190x60
Lenght with 1000×1200 pallet (mm) 2605/2965
Length with 800×1200 pallet (mm) 2575/2935
Battery (V/Ah) 24/280
Battery type Industry battery
Brakes Electromagnetic
Central filling Yes
Lifting speed , load/no load 13-16


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