HW2011-Y Lift-table, 1300×800, 2000kg

HW2011-Y Lift-table, 1300×800, 2000kg

Maintenance free pivot bushings. Large safety clearance between the scissors to avoid injuries. Lift cylinder with internal drainage. Safety valve to ensure safety in case of a hose burst. Low-noise power pack with built-in overload valve. Cable for 3-phase 380V/16Ah*. Approves to EN1570-1.
  • Capacity 2000kg
  • Table area 1300×800
  • 3-Phase (380V/16Ah)


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Technical data

Type Single scissor
Capacity (kg) 2000
Table area (LxW) 1300×800
Base frame size (LxW) 1255×735
Weight (kg) 204
Lifting time to max height 15-20
Lift motor (kW) 380V / 50HZ 1.5kW
Lifting height 190-1010


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