Testing & Certification Procedures

All of our test and diagnostic equipment are independently calibrated, tested and certified annually.

Our hydraulic pressure gauges and load cells are calibrated & tested and certified every 6 months by Bentley Instrumentation Co. Ltd Our certified test weights are calibrated, tested and certified every 6 months by Globeweigh Ltd.

Test Procedure

The following is our standard test procedure for all hydraulic equipment and material handling equipment ie hand pallet trucks; electric pallet trucks; hydraulic trolley jacks, air-hydraulic jacks, commercial pit jacks, transmission jacks, hydraulic cranes, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic rams, scissors table lifts.

1. Visual inspection of frame & hydraulic unit

2. Examination of any structural defects ie cracks, score marks, broken welds, frame alignment, oil leaks, burst hoses.

3. Provided that the units do not have any structural defects we carry out initial load pressure test

4. Load pressure test as per manufacturers recommended test load ie 20Tonne jack Load Tested at 20 Tonne

5. This gives us an initial assessment of the performance of the equipment.

6. Removal of the hydraulic unit from the frame.

7. Strip out hydraulic lifting piston and cylinder

8. Examine main pressure seal, wiper rings, scraper rings.

9. If wear is deemed excessive we supply and fit a complete new service kit

10. Drain and flush out oil reservoir

11. Fill with recommended hydraulic oil or for Aircraft Equipment Aeroshell 41

12. Re-assemble hydraulic unit and re-fit to frame

13. Examine pump piston mechanism

14. If stroke / pump compression is inadequate strip out pump system

15. Examine pump piston and valves.

16. Replace where necessary worn parts with OEM new parts

17. Carry out final load pressure test using calibrated hydraulic test equipment & test weights

18. On completion of successful load test service report passed to admin. dept

19. New test label identification tag with SWL for Hydraulic Jacks or MWP ( for pumps) affixed to unit

20. Test Certification issued and signed by certified test engineer who has carried out the test.

Compliance to Regulatory Legislation

Our service department where all testing of equipment is carried out comply with the following legislation.


Tested to Current Standards 2005 Health & Safety Act ( Ireland) in compliance with General Regulations 2007 sub sections 52; 53; 54 Examination & Testing of Lifting Equipment

In the case of aviation equipment in addition to the above the tests are carried out to comply with

Tested to Current Standards BS EN 12312-19:2005+A1:2009
Conformity with provisions of machinery directive
(Directive 98/37/EEC. EN 1915; 2001 & EN12312-19)

Dominic Smith
Service Director