CY30 – Crane fork, 3000kg

CY30 – Crane fork, 3000kg

This crane fork has a very handy and robust construction which can be operated easily without slings or chains. CY-series, with its self-balancing head, let the crane operator stay in the cabin, no need to step out from lorry/crane to make adjustments. To achieve best balance performance goods should weigh 20% of total crane capacity. Fork width is adjustable and so is the crane tower in height.


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Technical data

  • Capacity 3000kg
  • Fork length 1000mm
  • Effective height 1300-2000 mm
  • Hook height 1720-2420 mm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1140x920x1720-2420 mm
  • Fork cross (mm) 120×50
  • Fork length (mm) 1000
  • Adjustable fork width: 450-900 mm
  • Weight (kg) 280